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Comic Book Artists: Chris Bachalo

[Chris Bachalo Official Website] This is the second instalment in what I hope will be a fortnightly feature where I highlight some of the artists I like. There is no preference to the order – just what I feel like at the time – and I’ll post some art and try to talk about why I like the art. I…

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Comic Book Artists: Travis Charest

On this blog, I have a tendency to talk more about the writing and the story of the comic books I love. This is partially because a lot of what draws me to comic books is the writing, but also because I feel inadequate in explaining and discussing appreciation of the art styles. However, the art is still important to…

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Comic Book Cameos

You can call it cameos. You can call it Easter Eggs. You can call it in-jokes. Whatever your name of preference, it is one thing that comic book art can do better and easier than just about any form of entertainment I can think of. The artist can tell the story but put in little references to other things, if…

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