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Void Trip 01 cover

Comic Book Review: Void Trip #1

Written by Ryan O’Sullivan Art by Plaid Klaus Letters by Aditya Bidikar Published by Image Comics Void Trip introduces the reader to Ana and Gabe, a space-based stoner duo – Ana is a bit like a female Jay (of Jay and Silent Bob) but without the foul mouth; Gabe is an older, perhaps wiser man who has a conscious when…

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Comic Book Review – Doctor Who: Four Doctors

Doctor Who: Four Doctors #1–5 Written by Paul Cornell Art by Neil Edwards Colours by Ivan Nunes Letters by Richard Starkings/Jimmy Betancourt Edited by Andrew James Published by Titan Comics On the planet Marinus at some point during the Time War, the War Doctor is with the Voord, a hive mind race, who are resisting the Daleks; they are worried…

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Comic Book Review: The Troop #1

Written and created by Noel Clarke Art by Joshua Cassara Colours by Luis Guerrero Letters by Rona Simpson Edited by Steve White Published by Titan Comics Noel Clarke should stop being so damn capable at everything he tries. In addition to acting, screenwriting, producing and directing films, he’s turned his attention to writing comic books, and he’s created a really…

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Comic Book Review: Crossed +100 Volume 1

Crossed +100 #1–6 Written by Alan Moore Art by Gabriel Andrade Colours by Digikore Studios Letters by Jaymes Reed Crossed created by Garth Ennis Published by Avatar Press The mark of a truly great writer is the ability to create work in any genre, even a genre you don’t necessarily enjoy, and surpass the expectations and limitations while demonstrating their…

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Comic Book Review: Johnny Red #1

Written by Garth Ennis Art by Keith Burns Colours by Jason Worde Letters by Ron Steen Edited by Steve White Published by Titan Comics Tony Iverson is a young, wealthy man (he made his money in the dot com boom) who has come to Vintage Flyers in Suffolk so that they can restore P7089: the battered and beaten airframe of…

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From A Library: Mystery Society

Mystery Society #1–5 Written by Steve Niles Art by Fiona Staples How did I not hear about this comic book before? I like to think I keep abreast of the comic-book world, and particularly for comic books that appeal to my tastes, but I completely missed this mini-series when it came out in 2010. I didn’t know anything about it…

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