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Dave's Comics Interior

Comic Book Shop: Dave’s Comics

I have confessed previously of my belief that Gosh! is the greatest comic book shop in the world. However, on a recent visit to Brighton, I finally visited a comic book shop that is a close second. And not just because it has my name in the title. Dave’s Comics is a shop so good it needs two separate shops,…

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Comic Book Shops: Bromley

It’s been a while since I’ve documented visits to comic book shops in London (and elsewhere), but I have recently become a resident of south-east London, so it was a pleasant surprise to find not one but two comic book shops in the general area. The two shops provide a contrast in the style and approach towards selling comic books…

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Comic Book Shops: Croydon

Growing up in London, I never considered Croydon part of London – it was a suburb that marked the boundary between the sprawling metropolis and the boring country. This was misguided ignorance on my part, as I had never been there, didn’t know anybody who lived there or even looked it up on a map. What can I say? I…

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