Contemplating My Comic Book Collection

Comic Book Box With Comics

I’ve been contemplating my comic book collection, and the reason for collecting and having a collection and what it means to have approximately 9,000 comic books and trade paperbacks in a small house when the future is here and cloud-based comic books are the thing (the recent massive Marvel sale of Kindle editions of collections is surely an indicator of legitimacy). There’s nothing like considering the merit of one’s comic book collection to make you think about life as well, so it seemed something worth writing about. I’m a reader and collector of comic books – I always make the […]

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I Don’t Have A Great Comic Collection. Apparently

Tom Spurgeon wrote a post on Sunday called The 50 Things That Every Comics Collection Truly Needs. In it, he lists and explains his choices. Now, I didn’t originally read the post – instead, I read other people’s reactions to it, in a meme kinda way. But, when I did, I was taken aback at the list, mainly because I don’t have very many of the books mentioned on the list, but also because of how elitist it felt. Obviously, it’s a personal selection and opinions differ, but it seemed to suggest that the only collection worth having is filled […]

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Creator with most comics in my collection

This might be a little nerdy; it’s hard to tell when one is so close to it. But I like cataloguing my comic book collection. I like having the list, including author, artist(s), company, imprint. It might be a bit sad, but I don’t care. It means that I can examine my collection and revel in its numbers and order. And, no, I’m not an accountant. It also means that I can provide a countdown of the creators responsible for the greatest number of comics in my collection. I tend to be story based, so the main people are going […]

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