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Comic Book Box With Comics

Contemplating My Comic Book Collection

I’ve been contemplating my comic book collection, and the reason for collecting and having a collection and what it means to have approximately 9,000 comic books and trade paperbacks in a small house when the future is here and cloud-based comic books are the thing (the recent massive Marvel sale of Kindle editions of collections is surely an indicator of…

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I Don’t Have A Great Comic Collection. Apparently

Tom Spurgeon wrote a post on Sunday called The 50 Things That Every Comics Collection Truly Needs. In it, he lists and explains his choices. Now, I didn’t originally read the post – instead, I read other people’s reactions to it, in a meme kinda way. But, when I did, I was taken aback at the list, mainly because I…

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Creator with most comics in my collection

This might be a little nerdy; it’s hard to tell when one is so close to it. But I like cataloguing my comic book collection. I like having the list, including author, artist(s), company, imprint. It might be a bit sad, but I don’t care. It means that I can examine my collection and revel in its numbers and order.…

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