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Cartoons On British Television Redux

Just over 2 years ago, I wrote about the meagre offering of regular animated superhero series on free-to-view television in this country. With the recent the school summer holiday, where cartoons are used to pacify the kids for a while in the morning, I thought it was time for a revisit to the theme (although I did talk about Batman:…

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Batman: The Brave And The Bold

I’m sure I loved the Adam West Batman TV series when it was repeated during my youth, with the colourful characters, the silliness, the catchphrases and action. However, I have to confess that I don’t have any love for it any more – I now think it’s silly and stupid and childish. You can probably blame Frank Miller – his…

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Cartoon Thoughts (Or British TV Needs More Superheroes)

As a fan of superheroes and cartoons, I tend to feel cheated here in the UK. Unless I pay a subscription to Sky or Virgin, I can’t get the cartoon channels, particularly Cartoon Network and its Toonami section. Terrestrial channels occasionally get some cartoons but never the really good ones. DVDs don’t seem to be collected here in the UK…

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